Professional Ethics

Experience Holistic Transformation with Confidence and Privacy

Welcome to my practice, where I combine dedication, spiritual commitment, and extensive study to offer you the highest level of expertise in holistic transformational regressive hypnotherapy.

During our sessions, you can trust that we will focus solely on your healing journey. I understand the importance of creating a safe and secure environment, where you can freely explore without judgment or discomfort. Topics such as religion, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family position, age, disability, politics, or social status will never be brought up during our sessions. This ensures that our time together is dedicated solely to your well-being.

Confidentiality is paramount in our work. I want to assure you that your privacy will always be protected. Whether you choose individual or group sessions, I uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. Any recordings made during individual sessions will only be done with your explicit knowledge and consent, and they will be kept strictly confidential. Your information and data will never be shared with anyone without your written consent.
Rest assured, our meetings are completely confidential.

I am committed to providing you with a space where you can openly explore and heal, guided by my expertise and dedication to your well-being. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, and I will support you with utmost courtesy, sensitivity, and patience.

If you're ready to experience profound transformation while knowing that your privacy is safeguarded, I invite you to take the next step and embark on this journey with me. You can trust that I will be there for you every step of the way.
Contact me now to schedule your confidential session and start your path to holistic transformation.

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