Radical SELF-LOVE: the key to personal transformation"

жертва в отношениях в жизни
Without self-love, you can't have a healthy, happy relationship with anyone else.

Without love for oneself, we tend to evaluate our lives according to the standards of other people, constantly comparing ourselves to others and feeling unworthy.
Do you recognize any
of following states in yourself?

Negative Self-Talk
It is a major obstacle to personal and professional growth! You constantly find flaws, mistakes, and failures within yourself, criticize yourself for them, and fail to recognize your strengths and positive qualities. This attitude towards yourself breeds feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, anxiety, and depression. Constant self-criticism leads to a decrease in self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and social isolation."
I'm unworthy and worse than others
You crave approval, require attention and attachment from others, and this casts a shadow on EVERYTHING you do. Instead of following your own path, you spend a lot of time and energy seeking recognition from those around you. And it leaves you drained, with little energy for other aspects of your life. People sense your need for approval and pull away.
I am not confident
It has a very negative impact on life and relationships in general. A person lives 24 hours a day in doubt about their abilities, is afraid of failure, and depends on the opinions of others. You feel unworthy of love and respect, experience guilt, shame, criticize yourself, and avoid new challenges. You're not living a full life!
Perpetual anxiety and depression
You unsure of yourself. You lack confidence in your abilities, fear criticism, and struggle to take bold actions. Your insecurity leads you to avoid conflicts and suppress your true feelings. However, the more you allow this state of mind to control your life, the more you lose control. Let's work together to overcome your lack of confidence and help you gain the self-assurance that will allow you to achieve success and feel free!
Don't love my body...
Let's talk about how you feel about your body. It's understandable to struggle with body image, but it's important to remember that having an unhealthy relationship with food can be extremely damaging to your body and mind. Whether you restrict your intake or overeat in moments of stress or anxiety, it can take a toll on your physical health and self-esteem.
Eternal anxiety and depression
You are trapped in a cycle of abusive relationships where every day is hell on earth. Your partner is not a source of love and care, but a stumbling block on your path. You live in fear and are afraid to express your true feelings, least it invite even more violence and humiliation. You are tired of constantly fighting for your life and dream of breaking free and starting a new chapter without the abuser by your side.
You may have landed on this page for a reason...
когнитивное тревожное расстройство
сеанс регрессивного гипноза
Self-love cannot be conjured in the mind. It must be felt with the entire body!
Sessions of Transformational Regression Hypnotherapy
to restore the state of 'True Self-Love' are conducted in several stages.

First, we remove all negative thought forms, beliefs, and traumatizing situations from the subconscious mind.

Second, we release the emotions that have become rooted in the body over the years, draining our energy.

Third, we completely reprogram the conscious mind to recognize oneself as the most important and beloved person in this Universe.

If you feel that you are suffering from a lack of self-love, there is no need to wait any longer - even from the first session, you will feel completely different!
Change your state and feel
all the colours of life. QUICKLY!
No one should suffer needlessly when we have powerful tools to change lives for the better...
Love for oneself is beautiful
Genuine and deep love for oneself is not just positive thinking, it is a STATE OF BEING! It is something that permeates your essence and becomes a part of your being. When you take care of yourself, attend to your needs, and accept yourself as you are, you are not afraid to be yourself and follow your desires. And most importantly, you do not hide the truth from yourself. You respect and are honest with yourself.
The inner sun is shining...
You look amazing! Your attention is more focused on how you FEEL, which means you look BEAUTIFUL, you radiate an attractive energy. When you pay more attention to your emotions and feelings, it inevitably reflects in your appearance. After all, beauty is not only smooth skin and bright makeup, but also a radiance in the eyes and a smile on the face.
You Love Your Body

You take pride in your body and respect it, taking care of it in the best way possible because it helps you feel better and live a full life. You are attuned to the needs of your body. You don't follow fad diets or allow external factors to influence your nutrition and health. You are confident in your choices and consciously follow a healthy lifestyle because you know it is the foundation of your well-being and success.

Life in the Moment!
Now, at a deep level, you realize what is holding you back from living in the present and enjoying creating the future. You are ready to move forward with confidence and determination to create your own future. You give yourself a chance for renewal and growth because the past does not have power over you. You are ready to open a new chapter in your life and enjoy every moment of the present.
Love yourself in the mirror
You take pride in who you are and enjoy every detail of your inner and outer world. You embrace your uniqueness and beauty, rather than comparing yourself to others. And most importantly, you do all of this with so much love and care that your body will heal, and your mind and soul will be grateful and amazed.
You trust your intuition
You possess a valuable gift - intuition, and I will teach you to trust it 100%. Your inner feeling does not deceive you and can help you make important decisions. You do not limit yourself to conventional opinions, but follow your heart and mind because you know that you are the best expert on your life and needs. Your intuition helps you achieve success and well-being, and you are grateful for it.
Mutual Love
An honest and loving partner appears, whom you trust on all levels. Now, you enjoy healthy, harmonious, and understanding relationships based on love and respect. The strange and incomprehensible feeling of initial insecurity and doubt disappears, and you realize that now you can be with someone who sincerely loves and appreciates you.
from Greatful Customers
For obvious privacy reasons, most clients want to remain autonomous rather than share public reviews.
Delf-love journey. Repaired my soul & body.
Dear Angelica, you repaired my soul and my body. I contacted you when I was totally devastated, when my mind and my thought was disrupted. the problems with my family, I had the losses in business and also with my friends. It was a critical period in my life. During the sessions, you made me cry, you made me laugh, you made me love again some people. After our sessions I feel myself more complex, bold, strong. I can move forward, I can reach my aims and I'm seems to be that something is changed inside.
Recovered Feminine Energy
Now, after discovering Angelica and undergoing transformational hypnotherapy, I have established a profound connection with my inner voice, my intuition. I wish this connection for every person on our planet. It is through a skilled guide like Angelica that I was able to achieve this remarkable transformation. The power of our subconscious mind is awe-inspiring, containing every experience, feeling, and situation we have encountered.... .
Divorce Recovery
After a series of sessions, I can honestly attest to the profound transformation I have experienced. Bitterness, anger, regret, despair, and sadness surrounding my ex-partner have all but vanished. Similarly, the feelings of annoyance, irritation, and anger I harbored towards my parents have been replaced with acceptance, love, and understanding. This newfound perspective has revitalized these relationships and allowed me to appreciate their complexities and origins. Astonishingly, resolving my feelings towards my ex opened doors to an unexpected and fulfilling aspect of my life. I have witnessed the entrance of many incredible women, aligning with the relationships I genuinely desired.
Review from Italy
I am deeply grateful to Angelica and wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation with all of you. Angelica Marcos is an extraordinary individual whose healing abilities as a hypnotherapist have brought about a remarkable transformation in my life.
This experience has been truly life-changing, bringing me immense joy and fulfillment. I am now confident in declaring that I have achieved my financial goals and continue to attract new clients. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Angelica.
A Powerful Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing
Join us in this moving video as an individual opens up about their transformative experience with hypnotherapy. Struggling with self-love and acceptance for years, they took a leap of faith with hypnotherapist Angelica Marquass. This new and profound approach left them feeling incredible and pure inside. Themes of femininity, feminine energy, and self-love emerged, leading to an unbelievable session. Witness the transformative power of hypnotherapy and the profound impact it can have on connecting with oneself.
Start loving yourself today
Discover the secret to a fulfilling life in this powerful review. Learn how self-acceptance and appreciation lead to better relationships, a dream job, and achieving your goals. Unlock new levels of harmony and understanding with the guidance of Angelica Marquass, a skilled hypnotherapist. Take the quantum leap towards a happier life - start loving yourself today!
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