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Working on the Principle of Complete Request Resolution.

'Live' Examples of Results

Reviews and Results of Hypnotherapy

After identifying the request and the number of sessions, we regularly track the results of hypnotherapy, documenting what has already left the subconscious and what still requires attention. This helps you see changes and progress towards complete transformation.

Why is this important?

By addressing your request, you resolve it, and it disappears from your subconscious—and therefore from your life. Often, clients say, "Did I really have that?" and laugh... They do not understand or remember why they initially came for hypnotherapy sessions. That's why we record and track the results of hypnotherapy, so you can realize your achievements and see how far you've come.

Below are LIVE examples of hypnotherapy results and step-by-step transformation.

I am proud of the positive feedback from hypnotherapy, often after just 1-2 sessions, despite the complexity of the issues.
Results of Hypnotherapy after the 1st Session:
Request: Increase energy levels and clear mental confusion. Symptom resolution: The client noticed improved mental clarity and relief from stomach pain and headaches after the session.
Emotional state:
Feels confident and energized for several weeks post-session.

Результат гипнотерапии после 1-ой сеанса:
Results of hypnotherapy after the first session:
Client feels significant improvements in her condition. She notes that she's still adjusting to the new state but overall well-being has improved:

  • Self-anger: Previously strong, now almost absent; rated 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Irritability: Occasional minor irritability on the road, but incomparable to previous anger levels.
  • Jealousy: Almost absent; rated 1.
  • Self-pity: Significantly reduced, a marked difference from previous state.
  • Control: Previously strong, now reduced; rated 1.
  • Doubts: Remaining at a moderate level; rated 5.
  • Energy: Increased from 50 to 80.
  • Physical condition: Reduced pain and lymph node size decreased by 2-3 times.

Results of hypnotherapy after the 4th session:
The client reports the following changes:
  • Absence of fear: No fear of losing money or anxiety about the future.
  • Clarity and optimism: Positively envisioning the future and finding joy in everyday activities.
  • Conscious pleasure: Focusing on enjoyable activities and cherishing these moments.
  • Emotional stability: Less susceptible to negative thoughts and self-blame, improved communication with business partners.
  • Joy and satisfaction: Feeling more connected with oneself.

Results of hypnotherapy after the 1st session:
The woman sought to alleviate pain that had plagued her for the past 3 years, causing anger, resentment, and hatred. After just the 1st session, the following symptoms vanished:
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Inability to relax (constant thoughts of revenge and associated tension)
Initially skeptical and doubting the success of hypnotherapy, by the second session, the client noted significant improvements: the tension and negative images linked to past grievances reduced by 80%. She also felt a substantial decrease in negative vibrations in her consciousness and noticed an improvement in her overall condition.

Results after the second session:
Results of hypnotherapy after the first session:
  • Anxiety: Reduced to a level of 1 out of 10.
  • Feelings of guilt: Decreased to 3 out of 10.
  • Awkwardness about others: Almost absent.
  • Perfectionism: Decreased to 2 out of 10, less concerned about others' opinions.
  • Self-blame: Completely disappeared.
  • Victim mentality: Ended.
  • Insecurity: Resolved.
  • Attachment to the past: Released past events.
  • Rescuing tendencies: No longer feels the need to rescue others.
  • Anxiety and irritation: Significantly reduced, easier to focus on oneself.
  • Sensory and emotional reactions: Increased sensitivity, experiencing interesting reactions and dreams, heightened sense of the quantum field.
Results of hypnotherapy after the 6th session:

  • State of mind: Most problems now seem trivial.
  • Emotions: Fear, anger, and victim mentality have disappeared.
  • Stable energy, minimal anxiety (1-2 out of 10).
  • Stress management: Calm problem-solving.
  • Absence of panic attacks.
  • Increased interest in life: Feeling driven, desire for sexual activity, and earning money.
  • Integrity and boundaries: Sense of integrity and clear boundaries with others at a level of 8-9 out of 10.
  • Absence of regrets.
  • Frequent moments of joy: Enjoying everyday pleasures.
  • Overall improvement: Significant improvement in state of being and ability to appreciate moments of happiness.
Results of hypnotherapy after the 2nd session:
Results of hypnotherapy after the 6th session:
  • Fear: 1-2 out of 10.
  • Anger: 1 out of 10 or none.
  • Energy: 70% and above.
  • Feeling "small": Completely disappeared.
  • Panic attacks: None in the past 3 weeks.
  • Sense of hopelessness: Completely disappeared.
  • Drive for life: Emerged, planning for the future.
  • Anxiety: Minimal, triggered by uncertainty but manageable.
  • Feeling of failure: Transformed, absent.
Additional improvements:
  • Increased sense of support and encouragement from spouse.
  • Gift from spouse (car), a pleasant and unexpected surprise.
  • Increased sense of trust and relaxation.
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