жертва в отношениях в жизни
I turn to love, pleasure, relaxation, and I refuse the idea that anyone else can give it to me, except myself...

I turn to the feeling of joy and pleasure,
And I refuse the feeling of sadness & pain...

I turn to my future and let go of my past...
From "doing" anxiety & stress
A woman intuitively or instinctively knows what is best for her.......

A true woman is not defined by societal expectations or stereotypes; she lives according to her own values, feelings, and beliefs.

A woman is strong in her love, strong in her sexuality, and strong in her sensuality. All this magnificence surrounds her with a magical energy that inspires those around her. In a healthy energetic balance, this energy permeates every cell of her being, giving her an aura of mystery, charm, and power.

But how can one tap into this state of Feminine Energy, which is inherent in every woman but often blocked?

If you RECOGNISE within yourself
at least one of these states:

*** You experience these states, sometimes its manifest more intensely, sometimes they subside...***

Stress and anxiety
Your feminine energy is blocked
When a woman's feminine energies are not cultivated, she doesn't feel fully happy or connected to herself. She experiences constant stress and worries. Her health deteriorates as her hormonal system becomes imbalanced. Her mood frequently fluctuates. She struggles to ask for help and accept assistance, feeling guilt and shame when others do something for her. In this state, it becomes challenging to relax and live in the present moment. There is a lack of connection with her body, soul, and the feeling of space and energy around her.
Trying to "save"man
Loosing time and yourself
You focus on fulfilling the needs of the man, trying to "save" him and help him. You seek your own satisfaction through his recognition and attention. But this NEVER works! He often deflects responsibility for his behavior, uses you, or becomes more distant. A potential partner doesn't need saving; he follows his own path. You have forgotten about yourself and are afraid to admit it. Your energy drains away, and you lack fulfillment and happiness. You can't relax within yourself or trust the world around you.
Internal turmoil
Madonna / Misstress

Bluestocking / Femme Fatale

Mother / Lover

Psychological split. You are forced to make a binary choice between embracing your sexuality or completely rejecting it. One part of you craves liberation, the realization of your fantasies. The other part feels ashamed, denies it, and wants to maintain the role of a faithful, "proper" girl. A serious internal conflict arises, causing anxiety, neurosis, and a loss of personal integrity. Relationship problems arise. With age, this worsens and turns you into a bundle of hatred and anger (both polarities).

You are doing
too much
But getting less or nothing at all. This leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment. When a woman is neurotic, she acts from masculine energies. Undoubtedly, she achieves a lot, but in the process, she exhausts herself and expends a great deal of resources, more than she receives in return. The woman does this with energies of "anger" or "I can do it all myself," trying to prove that she deserves to be loved. It feels like all your efforts are devalued. Communicating to a man how "wrong" he is is absolutely futile.
You are neglecting
your own needs
Have you been married or in a relationship for a long time? You often forget about self-care, self-improvement, and your own goals. You prioritize your husband and children. Perhaps your husband has become your "child" in a way. Putting your own well-being last leads to an imbalance and dissatisfaction within the relationship, ultimately damaging love, peace, and family. The background of irritation in your space has become the norm.
You feel envy
destroying yourself
When you experience envy, you hinder the unfolding of your own destiny. Envy prevents us from gratefully accepting what we already have and pushes us towards unreasonable goals. If envy arises, it means that you have suppressed what you desire at a subconscious level. Envy possesses a powerful destructive force that prevents you from fully realizing your potential, and if allowed to dominate your consciousness, it can completely destroy you from within.
in emotional swings
Emotional swings in relationships without trust lead to the loss of happiness and satisfaction, causing perpetual stress. Cycles of closeness and distance emerge, accompanied by negative emotions such as fear, disappointment, resentment, and jealousy. These emotions erode love and attachment, leaving behind destructive blocks within oneself. You become drained, angry, and easily irritated. It becomes difficult to establish a fulfilling personal life and fully enjoy the attention, love, and care of a man. Reciprocating love and caring for a man also becomes challenging.
Getting attached to a man

When a man fails to reciprocate emotional attachment and shows no interest in developing deep connections, it leads to disappointment, emotional pain, and a loss of time that could have been directed towards more mutually satisfying relationships. The feminine aspect remains closed, guarded, or traumatized, whichever way you may describe it. You end up wasting time, energy, and living in illusions because you fail to see what is truly happening. Time slips away...
Chasing after a man .
draining your energy
Having a negative past experience of insults, violence, abusive relationships, or divorce can lead to heightened anxiety and fear of losing a man, which results in pursuing him relentlessly. This road leads to nowhere and inevitably leads to the breakdown of the relationship. You constantly dwell on thoughts of the man, directing your focus towards him, and start feeling restless and anxious. You worry about his opinions, feelings, and actions, as well as the possibility of losing his attention or being rejected. Energy slips away like sand through your fingers.
когнитивное тревожное расстройство
сеанс регрессивного гипноза
Have you spent 10,000 hours with a psychologist, and are you still in the same place?

Through Transformational Regressive Hypnotherapy sessions, you will begin to radiate the following states:

Confidence, Serenity, Love, Attractiveness, Magnetism, Joy, Playfulness, Happiness, Vitality, Charm, Health, and Beauty.

We change ALL subconscious negative patterns and beliefs at a deep level. With just a few sessions, heavy states will vanish. Feminine energy is restored, and you begin to shine from within.

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey to the realm of Feminine Happiness and Sensuality?
***The most effective and fast method of inner liberation known today ***
The beginning of transformation is healing states of:
Disappointment in YOURSELF & in RELATIONSHIPS
Transformation BEGINS now...
In just 8 sessions, we completely heal the inner Woman so you can blossom and find harmony, joy, and fulfillment in life.
Your spirit and body
Unlocking at a deep level the inner strength, beauty, and passion that exists within every woman. You will finally realize who you truly are, fully forgive yourself, and restore the connection with your true self. You will love yourself in your own body, embrace your uniqueness, feelings, and emotions without running away from them. You will be able to communicate your feelings and emotions to a man gently, without suppressing him or destroying the relationship. Your relationships will be built on a deep sense of respect rather than fear. Only slavery is built on fear.
at a Deep level
Your heart is ignited by the star of love and joy. You live in the present moment. You consciously make health and well-being your priority. You take care of your nutrition, engage in regular physical exercise, and ensure you have sufficient rest and sleep. You take care of your appearance, choosing clothes in which you feel confident and comfortable. You are aware of your needs and set boundaries, making decisions based on them. You listen to your desires and follow your dreams. Life is filled with light, joy, and self-respect.
The key to health and happiness in any age
Deep subconscious work will awaken your inner fire. You will once again feel your feminine power and attractiveness. You will completely free yourself from negative states of consciousness such as guilt, regret, self-doubt, pity, self-criticism, and self-flagellation. Your body will begin to transform. By recognizing your FIRE, you will become a source of love and inspiration for the world around you. An orgasmic woman will enrich a potential man and deplete a non-potential one.
and a sense of clear boundaries.
Self-respect is the key to setting clear boundaries and emotional well-being. You are aware of your worth and refuse to settle for less. This means establishing standards that you are willing to accept in relationships and in life as a whole. You define where your personal preferences and comfort end. You know how to say 'no' to what doesn't align with your goals, values, or principles. You make decisions based on your comfort and well-being.
to tactile sensations brings the experience of life alive.
Through subconscious work, we discover a new state of relaxation. You emphasize the power of femininity simply by aligning with yourself. When you are in touch with your emotions, space, and nature, you are not afraid to be open and vulnerable. You seek deep connections, while losing interest in superficial ones. You are capable of 'dying' and being reborn within relationships, constantly renewing and bringing transformation to YOUR man. A potential man yearns to meet such a woman and through her, become even stronger and more masculine.
Independence & Interdependence
you maintain the balance.
You are no longer emotionally and financially dependent on relationships with men. You can easily walk away if the relationship no longer suits you. You keep a potential man engaged and non-potential man in fear. By maintaining your individuality and personal growth, you simultaneously develop a strong emotional bond with your partner. Independence pertains to personal goals and interests, while interdependence involves meeting each other's emotional needs for support and understanding.
Connecting Polarities
There is no longer a division between 'good' and 'bad' qualities in your consciousness. Your soul is not torn apart; it is multifaceted. You cannot be narrowed down to a single 'role'; you are constantly changing. You can be serious, playful, tender, wild, intelligent, mystical, and more. The choice is no longer limited to being a well-read prude or a passionate femme fatale. You no longer conform to the expectations of others or societal standards. You have a deep understanding of your uniqueness and wholeness as a Woman."
Feeling safe
with your man...
This relationship cannot be forced; it flows effortlessly. With your person, you feel stability, support, care, reliability, and predictability. There is no fear of being judged or rejected. You openly express your thoughts, feelings, and needs, knowing that you will be heard. You feel that you can fully trust him and know that he won't let you down or compromise your integrity. He also creates a physical and emotional space where you feel protected. The potential man understands the importance of these states for a woman. With him, there is no anxiety, stress, or fear.
Happy transition
 to 40+, 50+, 60+...
Girl, lady, or grandmother? Your youth and beauty extend over many years if you know yourself, listen to your body. You embrace life's changes, always striving for new levels of awareness. You feel a deep connection with your feminine nature, and this connection only grows stronger with time. You live in harmony with yourself, experiencing joy and full acceptance of your body at any age. You realize who you truly are, and the light within you only shines brighter with each passing day...

Video Reviews

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Recovered Feminine Energy
Now, after discovering Angelica and undergoing transformational hypnotherapy, I have established a profound connection with my inner voice, my intuition. I wish this connection for every person on our planet. It is through a skilled guide like Angelica that I was able to achieve this remarkable transformation. The power of our subconscious mind is awe-inspiring, containing every experience, feeling, and situation we have encountered.... .
A Remarkable Transformation
I am deeply grateful to Angelica and wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation with all of you. Angelica Marcos is an extraordinary individual whose healing abilities as a hypnotherapist have brought about a remarkable transformation in my life.
This experience has been truly life-changing, bringing me immense joy and fulfillment. I am now confident in declaring that I have achieved my financial goals and continue to attract new clients. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Angelica.
A Powerful Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing
Join us in this moving video as an individual opens up about their transformative experience with hypnotherapy. Struggling with self-love and acceptance for years, they took a leap of faith with hypnotherapist Angelica Marquass. This new and profound approach left them feeling incredible and pure inside. Themes of femininity, feminine energy, and self-love emerged, leading to an unbelievable session. Witness the transformative power of hypnotherapy and the profound impact it can have on connecting with oneself.
Start loving yourself today
Discover the secret to a fulfilling life in this powerful review. Learn how self-acceptance and appreciation lead to better relationships, a dream job, and achieving your goals. Unlock new levels of harmony and understanding with the guidance of Angelica Marquass, a skilled hypnotherapist. Take the quantum leap towards a happier life - start loving yourself today!
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