Hypnotherapy Services:

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  • Initial Consultation - 30-45 minutes
  • Non-Verbal Hypnosis - 1 hour
  • Non-Verbal Hypnosis - 2 hours

  • Transform Your Life Through Transformational Sessions. - 2 hour/ 4-8 sessions
  • Kundalini opening sessions On-line (group)
  • Kundalini opening sessions Off-line

Initial Consultation - 30 minutes

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, concerns, and any questions you may have. I will explain the benefits of hypnotherapy tailored to your individual needs. Together, we will develop a personalized plan for your journey towards rapid positive changes.

Non-verbal Hypnosis (1 hour)

Nonverbal hypnosis allows clients to uncover deep-seated emotional blocks that cause long-term suffering. It's like unlocking a magical door to transformation.

We delve into negative beliefs, painful emotions, and obstructive thoughts that can hold you back from personal growth. This form of hypnosis is your key to reprogramming the subconscious on a profound level.

Discover the amazing ability to release past traumas and events paving the way for you to develop your full personal potential!

Non-verbal Hypnosis (2 hours)

Same as above, but require more time, if client need more issues to release.

Transformational Package (2 hours - 5 sessions)

Experience Rapid Personal Growth and Transformation in Just 4 Sessions!
Have you spent years searching for answers without success?
Look no further! Our package provides a structured and comprehensive approach to achieving your goals, including:
Deep Self-Love Transformation
Woman's Transformation
Relationship Transformation (Learn how to exit destructive relationships)
Energy Transformation
Body Transformation
Money Transformation
Unlock your potential and transform your life with our program. Start your journey today!

Kundalini opening sessions On-line (group) - 1 hour
Kundalini opening sessions Off-line (group) - 1 hour)

Unlock the Power of Kundalini: Transform Your Life
Kundalini, the life force energy that permeates every aspect of our existence, holds the key to unparalleled personal and spiritual growth. By harnessing this potent force, not only can you heal yourself and others, but you can also liberate yourself from self-imposed limitations and beliefs.

  • Activate Kundalini Energy
  • Achieve Your Goals Unwaveringly
  • Banish Doubt from Your World

Elevate your life, influence by activating Kundalini energy. Step into a realm of unwavering purpose and limitless potential, where doubt has no place in your journey to success.
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