жертва в отношениях в жизни
May the Force be with you... MY SON
to the ENERGY OF

The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be”

― Elbert Hubbard

If you RECOGNISE within yourself
at least one of these states::

Sometimes these states manifest more intensely, and sometimes subsides.

Fear of betrayal and rejection
Devaluing partner
I harbor a fear of rejection and avoid what seems like "pointless risks." Past experiences have left your self-esteem low, and there are lingering wounds in your heart. When disagreements inevitably surface in relationships, you tend to stifle emotions, adopting a passive-aggressive stance and gradually withdrawing from partner. The prospect of rejection is daunting, as it unleashes a pain so intense that it feels like a complete self-destruction. As a result, issues pile up, eventually culminating in a rupture that might have been averted if not for this overwhelming fear.

Lack of Self-Love
and Self-Worth
A lack of value and support in your childhood has instilled an unconscious fear of being unloved. You exhibit shyness yet crave approval. Expressing your desires proves challenging, leading you to prefer solitary activities to avoid competition.This fear manifests as feelings of inadequacy. Your partner's mood swings are perceived as a fundamental insufficiency on your part. Innocent flirting becomes intolerable, causing you to sink into depression, becoming gloomy and distant. Internally, you collapse under the weight of self-loathing.
Fear of Control
and Deep Relationships
Due to the strong influence of your mother in childhood, you dread control. This fear is a classic phobia of any commitments. You avoid discussions about the future and maintain distance in relationships. There are constant fluctuations in your relationships, and you play games. You fear losing your independence. Even in sexual relationships, you avoid emotional intimacy and claim not to believe in love or marriage due to the fear of losing freedom. For you, relationships are a trap with no way out.
Fear of showing weakness
From childhood, men are trained to be strong, never to cry. Displaying weakness in anything is considered unmanly due to outdated stereotypes. However, we are all human and can experience depression, pain, and suffering. We can hurt and cry from emotional wounds and losses. Becoming sensitive is the strongest fear for a man and completely in vain. Men who are finely attuned to their feelings usually possess a balance of feminine and masculine energy, which is crucial for health, happiness, and relationships.
Lack of honesty towards oneself and the partner
Infidelity as your "forte"
You constantly seek connections on the side because you determine your self-worth by how people perceive you in a room. The external world serves as a mirror of your own value. You consistently face disapproval, contempt, or disappointment in real relationships. These emotions settle inside. Instead of being honest with yourself and your partner, accepting the breakup, you avoid conversations, lie, and seek solace elsewhere. However, the problem persists, deflecting, "blurring," and the cycle repeats from year to year. Life slips through your fingers...

Fear of Shame
Profound Depression
Shame is acquired – we are not born with shame. As a child, you were ridiculed or threatened. The world became an unsafe place. As a result, self-limiting beliefs emerge in the body: "I am not smart enough, good enough," "Girls don't like me," and "I will never be like..." Childhood pain settles in with emotions of vigilance and caution. You maintain a distance, behaving much more confidently than you actually feel to avoid additional shame. Shame is so painful and unacceptable that you employ self-destructive resistance mechanisms against it (anger, rage, aggression, control, and impulsive behavior).

Fear of trusting women
and Love in general
If you had an unstable or manipulative mother, or if there is a history of a difficult divorce, deception, manipulation, or disappointment by women, serious issues with trust arise. Specifically, distrust toward all women. You swear never to be vulnerable and love again. You are afraid that women are interested in you only for your money. You have concluded that all women are malicious, manipulative, and will use you. You have decided to be a loner or even unconsciously seek revenge on women for the hurts you've experienced.

Uncontrollable and Long-term
Fear of Failure
You fear embarking on new ventures and are bound by the fear of disappointing others and yourself. Any failure signifies "I am not a man." Emotionally, you feel like a teenager, lost and angry. Rejection from a woman significantly impacts self-esteem (which is already too fragile due to continuous and unreasonable demands for success). You feel societal pressure, chronic and paralysing shame, defeat, and fear of taking action. You live in stress and anxiety, prone to self-destruction and self-flagellation.
Loss of Attractiveness and "Masculine Strength"
In your youth, you appeared as a charmer, a Casanova, a conqueror of hearts. Now, a fear of losing your "masculine strength" has emerged. You fear aging, weight gain, wrinkles, baldness, or gray hair. Your belly protrudes. Andropause has accelerated the aging processes, deteriorating the condition of muscles, bones, skin, hair, and nails. Problems with blood pressure and a drop in testosterone have led to erectile dysfunction and a decrease in sexual desire. You are seeking ways to remedy this, but depression intensifies no matter how you try to solve it.

There is a 100% way to recover...
когнитивное тревожное расстройство
сеанс регрессивного гипноза
You've spent 10,000 hours with a psychologist, and where has it led you?

With the help of Transformational Regression and Non-Verbal Hypnotherapy sessions (starting from the first two sessions), you will begin to radiate states such as: Value, Confidence, Calmness, Strength, Attractiveness, Magnetism, Joy, Happiness, and Health.

We change ALL subconscious negative attitudes and beliefs at a deep level.

Just a few sessions, and heavy states will disappear. Energy is restored, and you begin to radiate confidence and strength.

You just need to start!

The most effective and rapid method of internal liberation known to date.
The Beginning of Transformation - Healing States of:

In just 6-8 sessions -
We completely heal the Inner Man.
I am confident and independent of others' opinions. I openly express my desires and values, unashamedly being myself. I enjoy the company of other people and am intrigued by constructive competition. I have a conscious sense of my own worth, even in moments without support. I recognize my uniqueness and feel good about myself. I understand that my partner's mood does not reflect my personal value. I don't take offense at innocent flirting and easily overcome challenges while maintaining optimism.
My Success - My Growth Here and Now
MY Personal Achievements #1
Life is full of changes and new opportunities. It is a challenge for personal growth, not a source of fear. I reject the idea that failure or success defines my worth or masculinity. I acknowledge that ups and downs are a natural part of life.
I practice self-compassion and self-acceptance, recognizing that my emotions and experiences matter, and I deserve love and respect regardless of external outcomes. Healthy self-esteem without anxiety.
Shame is NOT about me
Emotionally Free
Beliefs tied to childhood experiences have disappeared from my reality. Inner confidence helps me overcome challenges without sinking into self-loathing and self-destruction. Healthy self-respect has emerged. I exist and am born on this Earth to experience! So everything is right! In the moment, I choose constructive ways to address emerging problems. I have a safe inner space of strength where I can be sincere with myself.
Honesty with Oneself and Partner
Independence from Others' Opinions
Honesty with MYSELF is a fundamental element. Relationships are an opportunity to share my true self and be accepted for who I am. The source of my worth is not dependent on how others perceive me. If difficulties arise, I discuss them openly. Instead of deflecting problems and "blurring" reality, I strive for open interaction. I acknowledge my emotions and engage with my partner based on sincerity and trust.
Sensitivity is not femininity
It's the Mage's Path to Self-Discovery and Growth
I pay attention to my inner state, preventing self-destructive behavior. I can express my emotions, including sadness, pain, and suffering. This is important for my cardiovascular system, overall health, and well-being. I no longer need to drown myself in alcohol, smoke, or pretend. I take a step towards understanding and accepting myself. I feel WHO I AM! Creating an internal balance of energies.

Courage in Embracing Intimacy
Establishing Deep Connections

I easily express my feelings in relationships without guilt and self-condemnation. I consciously open up to discussing even disagreements, striving for mutual understanding. Emotional well-being is growing. I perceive rejection as a part of life, not associating it with the complete destruction of my identity and the loss of my soul. I adeptly solve problems at early stages, not delaying, preventing potential conflicts stemming from childhood traumas and old beliefs.

Embracing Commitment
and Openness in Relationships
I value stability in relationships. I see discussions about the future as an important aspect of life. I strive for deep and long-term connections, both in love and business, where each partner brings their uniqueness to the relationship. The opportunity to share my life and experience closeness is an integral part of it. Independence is important, but closeness does not evoke fear. In relationships and marriage, I envision harmony and mutual understanding and work towards achieving it. For me, relationships are a source of support and growth, not a trap or a threat to freedom.
Connection on All Levels
Instead of closing off and swearing never to love again, I overcome fear and restore trust first in myself (my feelings) and then in the beloved woman. I understand that all women are unique, just like men. I develop the ability to distinguish between healthy and toxic relationships. I prioritize comfort. I understand the importance of balanced energy exchange. I don't generalize based on negative experiences.
I can be alone, just as I can choose healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
Happy Transition into
Body States 40+ 50+ 60+
Instead of worrying, I embrace my body at every stage of life. I, too, will age and die, just like EVERYONE else... Aging doesn't make me less valuable or less attractive. True masculine strength comes from within. My strategy for maintaining physical health includes regular exercise and proper nutrition. I consciously develop MY interests and hobbies to maintain enthusiasm for life and avoid a sense of loss. I perceive aging as a new stage, full of opportunities for personal development.

from Greatful Customers

***For obvious privacy reasons, most clients want to remain autonomous rather than share public reviews ***
A powerful hypnosis session - 1 week apart.
I recently had a powerful hypnosis session with Angelica to address long-standing compulsive thoughts. The experience delved into unknown regions of my subconscious, exploring childhood memories and ancestral trauma. Angelica's expertise was evident as we navigated these depths, and she continues to provide valuable post-session support. Despite a temporary energy dip, we're now working on raising my energy levels through Kundalini activation. I highly recommend Angelica for her caring approach, powerful sessions, and thoughtful aftercare. If you're considering working with her, don't hesitate—book a session for an extraordinary experience.
Session + review right after
This young man began experiencing intrusive sexual thoughts at an early age, and as an adult, he realized how much precious energy (80%) he was channeling in the wrong direction. Immediately after the therapy session, he started feeling different about himself.
Session & Review from Italian young man
This young man from Italy came to hypnotherapy burdened with feelings of aggression, hatred, disappointment, and a desire for revenge. Our encounter became the key to transforming his inner world. Remarkably, after just one session, a profound change occurred. The energy of this young man shifted, his thoughts became clear, and the joy of life emerged in the moment of "Here and Now." Hypnotherapy not only became a means of change but also the key to freeing him from the shackles of negative emotions, offering a new perception of life.
Session & Review from Danish customer
This young man grappled with panic attacks that had haunted him for two years. The weight of societal pressure, injustice, and the inability to defend himself made his life unbearable, with heavy emotions tormenting him every day, giving rise to social phobia and robbing him of peaceful sleep. However, after just one hypnotherapy session, we were able to unearth the root of the problem, and his energy was restored. Remarkably, within a week, he not only found a new job but also felt fantastic! In just one hour of hypnotherapy, true miracles unfolded.
Review From German client
I would like to express my immense gratitude for your incredible work as a hypnotherapist. Your professionalism and kindness have helped me overcome fears and improve my relationship with my father. After sessions with you, I have felt a complete transformation in all areas of my life. Even my finances and general health have significantly improved. You are a master of your craft, and I admire you. You find an approach to every problem and successfully help to solve it. Moreover, your energy is very relaxing, so powerful that it brings goodness to people. I recommend you to all my friends as a source of help and support in mental and emotional growth.
Self-love journey. Repaired my soul & body.
Dear Angelica, you repaired my soul and my body. I contacted you when I was totally devastated, when my mind and my thought was disrupted. The problems with my family, I had the losses in business and also with my friends. It was a critical period in my life. During the sessions, you made me cry, you made me laugh, you made me love again some people. After our sessions I feel myself more complex, bold, strong. I can move forward, I can reach my aims and I'm seems to be that something is changed inside.
A Transformational Journey & Life-Changing expirience
My life was forever changed after collaborating with Angelica. Her remarkable expertise as an energy healer and hypnotherapist is unparalleled. Prior to encountering Angelica, I remained unaware of the emotional barriers that had engulfed my body. My struggle to convey my emotions had persisted throughout my life. Often lost in thought, my body existed as a separate entity, its presence made known through occasional pains that reminded me of my existence. Everything shifted during our initial session when I sensed an unprecedented energy flow within me.
Divorce Recovery
After a series of sessions, I can honestly attest to the profound transformation I have experienced. Bitterness, anger, regret, despair, and sadness surrounding my ex-partner have all but vanished. Similarly, the feelings of annoyance, irritation, and anger I harboured towards my parents have been replaced with acceptance, love, and understanding. This newfound perspective has revitalised these relationships and allowed me to appreciate their complexities and origins. Astonishingly, resolving my feelings towards my ex opened doors to an unexpected and fulfilling aspect of my life. I have witnessed the entrance of many incredible women, aligning with the relationships I genuinely desired.
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