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During the session, weird images, objects, or actions may manifest. It is important to note ALL manifestations of your subconscious. Your openness and honesty will help us better understand and support you in this unique journey within yourself. Do not hesitate to share all visual, auditory, or emotional impressions, as this is an essential part of the process contributing to your deep exploration of the subconscious world."
Questions & Answers
***Please READ the information carefully before starting the work ***
In hypnosis, you hear and remember everything at the end of the session. Hypnosis is not a dream nor do you blackout of consciousness.
In a hypnotic state, your awareness and concentration are in a higher-than-normal state. You don't need to fall asleep; if you do, you'll miss everything. Hypnosis is a natural state of your consciousness, and it is not accompanied by any specific sensation.
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