Kundalini Awakening to the Treasure

жертва в отношениях в жизни
There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential. It is just there waiting, because what you call as a human being is still in the making....
Why is this energy so important for us?
This is the path of Kundalini. It sits right there.

Everyone is sitting on a jackpot, but they are all looking in other directions.

They are not looking where the treasure is. So they never realize that something like this is there. Kundalini is that treasure within you that has been left unused, untapped.
You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot even imagine.

Signs that you are experiencing
Kundalini awakening!
Love & Compassion
You feel love and compassion for all beings and realise that you are an integral part of the whole.
You gain deep new understandings of your life or even past lives.
You feel a sense of freedom. You can calmly achieve material goals without anxiety and fear.
Inner Peace & Euphoria
You begin to experience euphoria and feel a deep peace just from living every day!
You overcome the dual nature of the mind and are able to see that we consciously co-create our reality every moment.
Your mind becomes noticeably calmer, and you gain a new ability to focus on one THOUGHT at a time.
Great observation
Your mind is capable of observing, inspecting, and discerning, thanks to the open crown chakra. You transcend the limits of the mind.
Past traumas
Past issues and even past traumas no longer have the same impact on you. You remember them, but they no longer bother you.
You can experience pleasant physical sensations, akin to orgasm but more sensual than sexual.
You gain a new strength and clarity that allows you to make positive changes in your life without fear.
Your creative potential is growing. Every day brings something new into your life, and it's exhilarating!
Your empathy significantly increases. You love yourself holistically (body, energy, and spirit).
Recommendations for Beginners:
Stretching your body every day to allow energy to flow through the meridians, and drinking a large glass of water one hour before the session.
Observing your thoughts. You are not the body, not the thoughts; you are pure consciousness. To aid in this, practice expanding your consciousness techniques.
Important Note:
If your energy body is "blocked" you may experience the following symptoms:

Your body may shake (this can occur when Kundalini rises, but your chakras are not clear, and energy cannot flow freely).
Unpleasant physical symptoms such as cramps and sensations of heat may manifest in a body with unclean chakras.
You feel heat in the spine (this can also be a sign that Kundalini energy is rising but not spreading properly).
Sleep problems may arise if your body is blocked, and energy gets stuck.

It's important to address these symptoms with care and seek guidance from experienced practitioners or teachers to ensure a safe and balanced Kundalini awakening process.

Kundalini awakening can lead to self-realization as an immortal being.
You can attain states of bliss and deep love.
Your mind can become calmer. You can address any problem with a clear mind that is not cluttered with old structures and anything that hinders our growth and gets stuck in self-conceptions.
You can experience spiritual enlightenment, which means a connection with all that exists and an understanding that we are constantly the creators of everything that is, at all times.
Your creativity and compassion can increase.
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