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A powerful hypnosis session - 1 week apart.
I recently had a powerful hypnosis session with Angelica to address long-standing compulsive thoughts. The experience delved into unknown regions of my subconscious, exploring childhood memories and ancestral trauma. Angelica's expertise was evident as we navigated these depths, and she continues to provide valuable post-session support. Despite a temporary energy dip, we're now working on raising my energy levels through Kundalini activation. I highly recommend Angelica for her caring approach, powerful sessions, and thoughtful aftercare. If you're considering working with her, don't hesitate—book a session for an extraordinary experience. Thank you, Angelica!
Session + review right after
This young man began experiencing intrusive sexual thoughts at an early age, and as an adult, he realized how much precious energy (80%) he was channeling in the wrong direction. Immediately after the therapy session, he started feeling different about himself.
Session & Review from Italian young man
This young man from Italy came to hypnotherapy burdened with feelings of aggression, hatred, disappointment, and a desire for revenge. Our encounter became the key to transforming his inner world. Remarkably, after just one session, a profound change occurred. The energy of this young man shifted, his thoughts became clear, and the joy of life emerged in the moment of "Here and Now." Hypnotherapy not only became a means of change but also the key to freeing him from the shackles of negative emotions, offering a new perception of life.
Session & Review from Danish customer
This young man grappled with panic attacks that had haunted him for two years. The weight of societal pressure, injustice, and the inability to defend himself made his life unbearable, with heavy emotions tormenting him every day, giving rise to social phobia and robbing him of peaceful sleep. However, after just one hypnotherapy session, we were able to unearth the root of the problem, and his energy was restored. Remarkably, within a week, he not only found a new job but also felt fantastic! In just one hour of hypnotherapy, true miracles unfolded.
Review From German client
Dear Angelika, I am Alexander Lorenz.I would like to express my immense gratitude for your incredible work as a hypnotherapist. Your professionalism and kindness have helped me overcome fears and improve my relationship with my father. After sessions with you, I have felt a complete transformation in all areas of my life. Even my finances and general health have significantly improved. You are a master of your craft, and I admire you. You find an approach to every problem and successfully help to solve it. Moreover, your energy is very relaxing, so powerful that it brings goodness to people. I recommend you to all my friends as a source of help and support in mental and emotional growth.
Depression gone ... I was able to stop my mind...
The sessions were magical, truly magical, utilizing your own methods. Sometimes it was challenging, feeling something in the womb, in the abdominal area, head, as if the head was weighted, you worked a lot on my head, on my thoughts. It was simply incredible, it was magic. And gradually, I am returning to myself. This is a very interesting process; it's difficult to find the right words to explain everything that happens during the sessions with you. But that's precisely why I appeal to everyone going through difficulties in their lives - turn to you. As a magician, as a healer, as a shaman, you will help them. I am confident in this. Reach out to Angélique Marquass.
Self-love journey. Repaired my soul & body.
Dear Angelica, you repaired my soul and my body. I contacted you when I was totally devastated, when my mind and my thought was disrupted. The problems with my family, I had the losses in business and also with my friends. It was a critical period in my life. During the sessions, you made me cry, you made me laugh, you made me love again some people. After our sessions I feel myself more complex, bold, strong. I can move forward, I can reach my aims and I'm seems to be that something is changed inside.
Recovered Feminine Energy
Now, after discovering Angelica and undergoing transformational hypnotherapy, I have established a profound connection with my inner voice, my intuition. I wish this connection for every person on our planet. It is through a skilled guide like Angelica that I was able to achieve this remarkable transformation. The power of our subconscious mind is awe-inspiring, containing every experience, feeling, and situation we have encountered.... .
Unresolved feelings and guilt
Angelica Marquas helped me heal from a long-standing emotional attachment to my ex-partner. Despite our amicable breakup, I discovered that I still carried unresolved feelings and guilt. Through Angelica's unique blend of therapies, including shamanic techniques, she not only severed my attachment but also cleansed my body and elevated my energy.
A Transformational Journey & Life-Changing expirience
My life was forever changed after collaborating with Angelica. Her remarkable expertise as an energy healer and hypnotherapist is unparalleled. Prior to encountering Angelica, I remained unaware of the emotional barriers that had engulfed my body. My struggle to convey my emotions had persisted throughout my life. Often lost in thought, my body existed as a separate entity, its presence made known through occasional pains that reminded me of my existence. Everything shifted during our initial session when I sensed an unprecedented energy flow within me.
Emotional Release and Eczema Healing with Hypnosis
I am thrilled to express my gratitude to Angelica Marquass for transforming my life. Under her guidance, we delved into the depths of my subconscious through her program, targeting the root cause of my eczema. Astonishingly, it wasn't a skin issue at all; it was a mental matter. With Angelica's expert assistance, we addressed the underlying concern, paving the way for profound healing. Thanks to this journey, my body found the path to restoration.
Divorce Recovery
After a series of sessions, I can honestly attest to the profound transformation I have experienced. Bitterness, anger, regret, despair, and sadness surrounding my ex-partner have all but vanished. Similarly, the feelings of annoyance, irritation, and anger I harboured towards my parents have been replaced with acceptance, love, and understanding. This newfound perspective has revitalised these relationships and allowed me to appreciate their complexities and origins. Astonishingly, resolving my feelings towards my ex opened doors to an unexpected and fulfilling aspect of my life. I have witnessed the entrance of many incredible women, aligning with the relationships I genuinely desired.
Review from Italy
I am deeply grateful to Angelica and wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation with all of you. Angelica Marcos is an extraordinary individual whose healing abilities as a hypnotherapist have brought about a remarkable transformation in my life.
This experience has been truly life-changing, bringing me immense joy and fulfillment. I am now confident in declaring that I have achieved my financial goals and continue to attract new clients.
A Powerful Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing
Struggling with self-love and acceptance for years, I took a leap of faith with hypnotherapist Angelica Marquass. This new and profound approach let me feeling incredible and pure inside. Themes of femininity, feminine energy, and self-love emerged, leading to an unbelievable session. Witness the transformative power of hypnotherapy and the profound impact it can have on connecting with oneself.
Start loving yourself today
I learned how to accept myself and appreciate myself to lead better relationships, attain a dream job, and achieve my goals. Angelica is a skilled hypnotherapist who helped me unlock new levels of harmony and understanding. Highly recommending!

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