Transitioning from destructiveness to LOVE

жертва в отношениях в жизни
As long as you keep secrets and hide your pain, you engage in a fundamental war with yourself... It is critically important to allow yourself to feel what you feel. This requires immense courage.
But, only then does a New Life begin!

LOVE is one of the most beautiful, captivating, and powerful feelings on the planet, and it opens up great opportunities for spiritual, mental, and physical intimacy.

But when warm and pleasant relationships are no longer as such and turn manipulative, co-dependent, and abusive, we have an amazing tool - Transformational Regression Hypnosis It fully heals your soul & connections.
Toxic relationships take a huge amount of energy. Tensions and conflicts drain our strength, making us weak, sick & anxious. Courage is to admit where you are and take action right now!
Do you recognise any
of following states in yourself?
****They resonate within your body, and you may not even notice, as you've grown accustomed to their presence, thinking it's the norm....****
You are going through
You are experiencing a storm of emotions, losing yourself in the bitterness of disappointment. Emptiness, doubts, and pain overwhelm you. Anger, sadness, and instability become constant companions. You feel disappointed in your partner, fallen into a state of depression, burdened by endless self-blame, and lacking understanding of how to move forward. Additionally, you find yourself entangled in manipulations involving children and finances.
You are constantly in
You perceive yourself as a victim of circumstances or other people, making it challenging to break free from this state. Moving forward feels uncertain and difficult. Trust becomes a constant struggle for you, and self-pity becomes a recurring pattern. Disliking your own life and blaming others rather than taking responsibility further perpetuate the victim mentality.
You have lived in

You have constantly been made to feel guilty. The consequences include lowered self-esteem, loss of self-worth, and a growing sense of worthlessness. Over time, many victims of emotional abuse sink into depression and struggle to overcome pathological anxiety. Autoimmune disorders may arise. Gaslighting. ... Isolating you from loved ones. ... Using insulting language. ... Yelling. ... Shifting the blame. ... Acting extremely jealous. ... Outbursts of unpredictable anger.

You have experienced
Another person has entered the relationship. You feel how loyalty and trust have been shattered into nothingness. A sense of abandonment and low self-esteem, self-criticism.You try to numb your feelings, but the pain still lingers. It holds you captive in the chains of loneliness, depriving you of the ability to trust others. There is a fear of repeating negative past experiences.
You live with
You have to carry everything on your own shoulders. You feel lonely in your relationships. You have been devalued and humiliated, drained of strength and life energy. Continuous 'consumption' has lowered your energy level; you are exhausted and irritated.
You are going through
Your heart is broken, wounded, and it feels like this wound will be with you forever. You feel unable to forget and let go of the past, as it suffocates you. This unrequited love leaves you in constant agony, reminding you of what could have been but didn't happen. Every step, every memory becomes a source of new wounds. You're losing the most valuable thing - TIME!
You have become a victim
And it has become a source of unbearable pain. As a result, you have lost not only a part of yourself but also trust in others and hope for happiness. Deep scars in your soul hinder the ability to feel LOVE. An important part of your true self has been stolen or destroyed. The weight of this experience keeps you captive, limiting your ability to trust and open up to new relationships.
когнитивное тревожное расстройство
сеанс регрессивного гипноза
With the help of Transformational Regressive Hypnotherapy, you will get back your JOY, HAPPINESS, and DESIRE to LIVE.

Your eyes will glow again! You will please yourself and those around you. No one should suffer needlessly when we have such powerful tools to help change lives 180 degrees for the better. Even if it seems right now, that nothing good lies ahead.

As a hypnotherapist and regressionist, I meet many people who have suffered for years in a relationship & do not take steps towards healing, thus wasting valuable time and opportunities to meet their soulmates.

Note: Already after the 1-st session, life begins to open up and blossom. After 4-8 sessions you are happy and beautiful AGAIN! RESULT is long-lasting!
***The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after
it's been broken into a million pieces.***
***We must let go of the life we have planned, to embrace the beautiful one that awaits us.***
Divorce or Seperation
You make important decisions primarily based on your own well-being and happiness. You understand that the end of a relationship does not define your worth or future. You look ahead with optimism and readiness to embrace new opportunities. Your wounds are starting to heal, and you feel yourself growing stronger and more confident with each passing day. You do not allow the past to hold you back or limit your actions. Life goes on!
You are in a positive state of mind. Heavy memories and resentments no longer bother you at all. They are not part of your field anymore. You calmly embrace change and look towards the future with joy and anticipation. Negative thoughts and attitudes are completely transforming. Self-assurance and positive self-perception are your new identity. New meanings of actions for the future start to emerge.
It serves as a catalyst to explore and develop your individuality, uniqueness, and sexuality. New hobbies, interests, and passions unfold. You feel attuned to yourself and your needs. New people and healthy relationships manifest daily. It's a wonderful time to start a new venture or embark on a career change. Hypnotherapy greatly accelerates this healing process, and you no longer get trapped in negativity for years.
Inner Freedom
This state is unlike anything else! You have experienced and overcome hardships, and now it's time for inner freedom. It's a feeling! It's a state of being! You simply wake up in the morning feeling good in your happy state. You have realized your worth and deserve nothing but the best. You are strong and determined, and nothing can stop you.
Loving Yourself
Your relationships do not require strain because you know that the feeling of love resides within you. When you meet someone special, you feel it on everyl level. You realize that you have found someone who complements you and makes you even happier. You discover shared interests, values, and dreams, creating a strong foundation for your connection. Your relationships are filled with love, care, and mutual understanding.
You are at the forefront
You are liberated from destructive and abusive bonds. That is no longer your reality. You feel an inner light and attract healthy, joyful, and trusting relationships. You have learned to recognize and reject negative patterns of behavior that were once present in your life. Now you are open to love, respect, and understanding.
Beautiful Present
You are strong and ready to embrace new challenges. New opportunities arise, and you gratefully welcome each new day, each new second! You move forward with mindfulness and confidence. Your present is vibrant and filled with joy. You allow yourself to live in the present moment. This state is achieved through deep hypnotherapy.
Mutual Love
Someone enters your life who genuinely loves you for who you are. Your connection is based on deep affection and mutual respect. Your relationship is not built on fear or submissiveness. Instead, it arises from freedom and mutual trust. Your partner values and respects you. You feel that you can be yourself without fear of judgment or loss. Your relationship is filled with warmth, tenderness, and care. Being in each other's presence brings you happiness and joy.
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Divorce Recovery
After a series of sessions, I can honestly attest to the profound transformation I have experienced. Bitterness, anger, regret, despair, and sadness surrounding my ex-partner have all but vanished. Similarly, the feelings of annoyance, irritation, and anger I harbored towards my parents have been replaced with acceptance, love, and understanding. This newfound perspective has revitalized these relationships and allowed me to appreciate their complexities and origins. Astonishingly, resolving my feelings towards my ex opened doors to an unexpected and fulfilling aspect of my life. I have witnessed the entrance of many incredible women, aligning with the relationships I genuinely desired.
Unresolved feelings and guilt
Angelica Marquas is the incredible hypnotherapist and regressionist who helped me heal from a long-standing emotional attachment to my ex-partner. Despite our amicable breakup, I discovered that I still carried unresolved feelings and guilt. Through Angelica's unique blend of therapies, including shamanic techniques, she not only severed my attachment but also cleansed my body and elevated my energy. During our session, I released trapped negative emotions and rediscovered a sense of fulfillment. Angelica possesses a powerful toolkit that can assist women in shedding emotional baggage and enhancing their feminine energy. Thank you, Angelica!
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